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Firewood Logs Delivered Sheffield

Our seasoned logs are ideal for open fires and wood burning stoves. Buying from us is probably the greenest option available due to the short distances the wood has to travel to be processed and delivered to your door.

Fire Wood Sheffield

Seasoned and unseasoned local firewood delivered to your door

Firewood Logs Delivered Sheffield


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Acme Arb Ltd Seasoned Hardwood Logs FAQ’s

Where do the logs come from?

Our logs come exclusively from our tree pruning and removal works throughout our working area in Sheffield and the surrounding areas

We DO NOT import our logs from other parts of the UK or abroad in line with our environmental policy.

Our seasoned hardwood logs are ideal for open fires and wood burning stoves. Buying from us is probably the greenest option available due to the short distances the wood has to travel to be processed and then delivered to your door

We are committed to sustainability and are therefore introducing our free replacement tree scheme for our domestic clients that are having a tree removed. We believe that where this practice becomes default within ours and other tree surgeons polices, we can make a small difference


What species of tree are the logs?

Although our delivery driver will very likely be able to identify individual logs to you on request, the load will comprise of various species of hardwood. This is due to the way we store and season the timber in our Sheffield yard. All our hardwood timber is stored together and separately from the softwood to ensure you get the best possible firewood available


How long have the logs been dried for?

Our seasoned logs are cut, split and then dried at our storage facility, so they are easy to light and ready for immediate use. A minimum of 24 months air drying is usually required to achieve the moisture contents suitable for burning.

Can I save more money by buying green wood and seasoning it myself?

Save even more money by buying uncut unseasoned wood by the van load (around 3m3 of loosely filled wood) and cutting/splitting and seasoning the wood yourself. All you need is a little space a saw and an axe. DIY it’s easy!


To place your order today, just visit our Log Shop here.

Log Purchasing from Acme Arb Ltd- Explained     

Frequently our clients ask us if they could buy our seasoned and split logs by “the load”, “the ton” “the netted bag” or by the “bulk or builders bag” as some other sellers offer.

We’ve created this page to show how a loose cubic metre of logs (our most popular form of delivery) compares to the various other delivery types. We hope this answers most of your questions but if not, please let us know.

Why sell hardwood logs by the cubic metre (space) rather than tonnes (weight)?

The lower the moisture content of a log, the less it will weigh and the better it will burn. We have systems in place to make sure our seasoned hardwood logs have a low moisture content and will burn well. They therefore weigh a lot less than the same volume of unseasoned logs. A heavy load of wet hardwood logs will therefore be more expensive than a light load of seasoned hardwood logs! Wet logs burn inefficiently and may cause problems with your heating system.

How big is a load?

This depends entirely on the vehicle of delivery and therefore could change significantly. Our seasoned and split hardwood logs are sold in cubic metre loads to avoid this ambiguity.

NB: If you are buying unprocessed timber from us by the “van load” this is based on loosely filling an approximately measured 3 cubic metres on the back of one of our 3 tipper vehicles

Is there difference in volume between quantities of “loose” logs and “stacked” logs?

Yes Our loads are loosely packed onto our vehicles (or into bags where requested). If you then neatly stack these logs into your wood store, the volume of logs will decrease.  Independent industry experts such as The Forestry Commission, The European Biomass Association and Woodfuel Wales state that one cubic metre of loose logs, when stacked, will take up a volume of approximately 60% to 70% of a cubic metre.

Why do you measure and sell by a volume of “loose” logs?

The extra time it would take to stack pack either bulk bags or the boxes on our tipper trucks would increase the cost of the logs themselves. We’d rather explain the process than charge the extra.

Does a “builder’s bag” full of logs weigh a ton and hold a cubic metre of logs?

Not by a long way. Bulk bags are often made to hold a ton of building material such as sand or gravel. The most common sizes can hold about 0.7-0.8 cubic metres of logs which, being less dense than sand or gravel, will weigh considerably less than a ton.

How many “nets” of logs in a cubic metre?

It depends on the net size. In trials, we have packed one loose cubic metre of logs into 20 good size nets with sizes of  450mm x 700mm each. Net size variations also make a big difference so it’s worth checking this before purchasing.

For price comparison

1 cubic metre of loosely filled logs is roughy equivalent to 20 nets or 1.3 builders bags of logs
2 cubic metres of loosely filled logs is roughly equivalent to 40 nets or 2.6 builders bags of logs


We deliver for free within 3 miles of Sheffield city centre. Please ask for delivery charges beyond this zone. Normally we will deliver our logs via a tipping vehicle straight onto your driveway or kerbside. If this is inconvenient we also offer a moving and stacking service to help get you started